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Roseville Electric - Solar Rebate Program


Incentive Type:

Utility Rebate Program

Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:


Applicable Sectors:

Commercial, Residential, Roseville Electric Customers


As of July 1, 2011:
Systems less than 10 kW: $1.36/watt
Systems 10 kW up to 100 kW: Performance-based incentive; length of contract and $/kWh amount vary based on system size.

Maximum Incentive:

Residential: $6,000 cap on retrofit projects;
Commercial: Cannot exceed 100kW (CEC AC watts) of installed PV over the life of the program

Eligible System Size:

At least 1kW CEC-AC watts
System can offset a maximum of 100% of the end-use consumer’s on-site electrical load.

Equipment Requirements:

All systems must be new and have a minimum 10-year warranty;
Must use CEC-certified PV modules and inverters

Installation Requirements:

Building must be grid connected for retail electricity distribution service at the site of installation from Roseville Electric.
Must have a fully executed Interconnection Agreement with Roseville Electric.
System must be located on the same premises where the consumer’s own electrical demand is located.



Incentive amounts offered through this program will step down over time based on participation rates.  See website above for the most recent incentive details.

Roseville Electric has implemented solar rebate programs in order to meet Senate Bill 1's three statewide goals: to install 3,000 megawatts (MW) of distributed solar PV by the end of 2016, to establish an industry in which solar energy systems are a viable mainstream option in 10 years, and to place solar energy systems on 50% of new homes within 13 years. Photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 10 kilowatts (kW) are eligible to receive a rebate based on expected performance of $1.36 per watt-AC. The incentive is paid in a single payment once the system is installed, operational, and has met all program requirements. Commercial systems 10kW-100kW receive separate performance based incentives paid quarterly based on actual kilowatt-hours (kWh) produced by the system. The contract lasts 5-10 years and pays $0.082 - $0.164 based on system size (stepping down with SB-1 program phase-out).

Retrofit projects are expected to undergo an Energy Efficiency Audit or Proof of Title 24 compliance within the past 3 years with possible commitment to future efficiency upgrades. New construction projects must meet energy efficiency levels substantially greater than the requirements of Title 24 (Part 6).

Roseville Electric incentives, per SB1 mandate, will decline over the life of the program, with the program’s application process closing by the end of 2016. The incentive is expected to decrease in a series of steps till 2016; the next step will bring the incentive down to $0.48/W. Incentives from other incentive programs (State of California or federally sponsored incentive programs other than tax credits) must be declared at the time of reservation.