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Advanced Comfort Controlstarstarstarstarstar4.8 / 5

117 Total Reviews /files/ACC-logo-MD.png530-254-6571$470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA

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Advanced Comfort Control

Advanced Comfort Control/files/ACC-logo-MD.png$530-254-6571470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA
Advanced Comfort Control/files/ACC-logo-MD.png530-254-6571$470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA starstarstarstarstar 4.8 / 5 | 117 Total Reviews

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Advanced Comfort Control/files/ACC-logo-MD.png$470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA 530-254-6571"I am very unhappy with the service. A young boy arrived at my house and even though he was very sweet, he was not able to assist my needs. He called his dad multiple times to get answers and wasn't able to answer any questions re: the heater. He was at my house about 10 minutes and later I received an invoice for $235. I called the office when I received the invoice and asked to speak to the owner. He was on the other phone so the kind, young man on the phone said he would call me back. The owner did not call me back, the same young man I had spoken to called me back. He said it would be $100.00, which is the minimum charge per visit, which id for an hour of work. Had I known I was paying for an hour, I would have had him clean my other heater or try to clean the motor on the heater he originally looked at. When the service man was at my house, he said he could clean it and it might work. The secretary told me that the motor was seized and could not be cleaned. Crazy that everyone has a different story, which makes me once again question the competence of the young serviceman. I have purchased my heaters from ACC and been very diligent in referring people to ACC. I will no longer be a customer and I will no longer be referring people. Maybe next time, the owner should contact his customer. This is a small town and small businesses operate on referrals. "
from Susanville, CA on February 21st, 2017
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