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Advanced Comfort Controlstarstarstarstarstar4.8 / 5

117 Total Reviews /files/ACC-logo-MD.png530-254-6571$470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA

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Advanced Comfort Control

Advanced Comfort Control/files/ACC-logo-MD.png$530-254-6571470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA
Advanced Comfort Control/files/ACC-logo-MD.png530-254-6571$470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA starstarstarstarstar 4.8 / 5 | 117 Total Reviews

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Advanced Comfort Control/files/ACC-logo-MD.png$470-755 County Rd. A3, Standish CA 530-254-6571"Be prepared to pay a minimum of $175 just to come out. My wife set up an appointment with them and they never told her how much it would be to come out. We figured it would be close to J&H Heating which is $100. They came out and the problem was only a valve that i turned off in the spring. He was here for almost 15 minutes. When he told me the price, I thought he was joking. $175!!! If they would have told my wife the minimum, we would definitely not have set up the appointment. Owen was a nice service man. That's why I rated 2 started"
from Janesville, CA on November 27th, 2017
5 (2 / 5)