Advanced Comfort Control, Inc. Coronavirus Response

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These are unprecedented times all around the world and we are as concerned about the impacts of this virus as much as anyone in the areas of health and the economy. Many businesses will not be able to survive this shut down and people will loose jobs. The impacts on families and individuals with immune disorders, people with cancer and the aged are unimaginable. Advanced Comfort Control is very much concerned with health of both our customers and our employees.

ACC is considered an essential business from the standpoint of HVAC as well as electrical.

ACC cannot exist to serve its customers without highly trained technicians and Installers. Our employees have had many hours of training and are some of the best in America and we value them highly. With that said, we have instituted measures to protect our employees while they are in your homes and businesses. In order to keep them safe and available for the next customer, they will practice the following:

  1. Wearing gloves while in your home or business. These will vary in type depending on the situation whether they are Installing a HVAC system, performing electrical or HVAC technician work.
  2. Wearing masks while working in your home or business. This is to protect ACC employees from dust and contaminants, not from your family or employees. Our employees will not show up at your home or business sick.
  3. Wearing booties (shoe/boot covers). We don’t want to track any contaminants into your home or business and we don’t want them tracking it home to us either.

Along with the things we will be doing, there are also some we will not do:

1. We WILL NOT show up to your home if you or a family member in your home are infected with the COVID 19 virus or showing symptoms of it. We must think of others as well. We would encourage you to isolate until you are better, and seek medical attention.

You will be asked about the health condition of you and your family when you make your appointment. We understand this is the time of year that allergies are ramping up and the standard cold and flu are going around. We are not wanting you to panic thinking we will not come if you any of these issues, just PLEASE be truthful if there is more going on than that!

2. We WILL NOT show up at your home or business knowingly infected with COVID 19 or showing symptoms of it. We want you and our employees to be protected.